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[25 Jun 2030|08:58am]
Friend's only
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[31 Mar 2021|05:35pm]
Characters )

[13 Mar 2021|10:49am]
Shipper list )

[13 Mar 2021|10:45am]
Characters 2 )

[27 Nov 2020|11:27pm]
charies 3 )

[02 Oct 2020|06:53am]

So, in the spirit of the season, I'm going to do month long activities.

Give me one of your characters and one of Mine and I'll

1)Write the most ostentatious spoopyscary soundtrack for them
2) a fic with halloween themes
3) Describe, in perfect,almost prodigious,fashion about what kind of spoopyscary creature they should be to complement each other. (No, mutants don't count as a 'creature')
4) Something of your choosing!

What are you waiting for?? Let's get spooptober show on the road!

Please Note!:I, clearly, don't or won't know all fandom/charies, so please bear with me if I take eons to do your requests. It's likely because I'm marathoning the shit out of your specific fandom. Thank you

[22 Jun 2020|09:01pm]
TV stuff and things. )

[07 Oct 2017|08:08am]
So. This is it. the end of an era. a legacy.

I suppose everyone's heard about the great aim tragedy by now?

I'll be using it until it's death, but I also have discord,and if you want it feel free to comment/pm me for it or my twitter

[06 Oct 2017|11:09pm]
When you're so used to 'can I have some plot today' being met with silence in rp world that you don't even bother making the effort anymore.

Whatever. meh.

[30 Sep 2017|07:35am]
Probably dumb to do it here but one of the people I follow is having a charity stream today. The irony is,I don't get paid until the week after (when they'll be on tour)

So. listen If anyone would be willing to buy this for me? I will either 1) pay you back the second the check is in my hands. Or b) buy you something of equal or slighter greater value the second the check is in my hand.

[17 Sep 2017|07:57am]

my pups gimmie games that would suit my dudes

[20 Aug 2017|08:49pm]
if anyone has a gaming comp they don't need,send it my way?

[21 Jul 2017|02:35pm]
So my phone is dumb, and in effort to 'clear up storage space',legit cleared all the data in my phone contacts?so uh if you want to be added,or readded, either pm me or I'm me. Kthanks.

[15 Jul 2017|07:07pm]
Can I bribe someone into making thomas sanders icons for me?

[23 Jun 2017|07:46am]
any chance I can get RP game reccs that need peeps,friends? I wanna start playing again,but the rp ad comms are mainly full of OC verse games.

[19 Jun 2017|07:38pm]
Can I bribe someone into playing Jim Moriarty somewhere?

[27 May 2017|05:04pm]
So question. If I moved a game I never used to an actual journal,would anyone be interested in modding it? Or several people?

I want to make a game,but most of mine tend to die, and I don't actually want to mod,but would be more then happy to make up plots or test out graphics. I'm just not good at the actual modding part and the last time I tried I had a mini meltdown bc I had to do everything myself.

[26 May 2017|05:41pm]
Games I'd be welcome at?

[12 Mar 2017|09:03pm]
I've moved to [info]ofthestory

Feel free to add me. Let me know so I add you back!

[12 Mar 2017|09:36am]
Not sure where to go with this, but layout makes/coders,I want a layout that's villain oriented? and googling it either confuses google, or just ignores the 'villain' part and just gives me other's cdj's or layouts that don't interest me.

Who do I talk to about making one? or finding one? I have no monies so the ones that do it for that is kind of off the table.


[11 Mar 2017|12:26pm]
But come on and mean it to me )

[09 Mar 2017|10:39pm]
Some are waving it around )

[09 Mar 2017|06:26am]
A wish is a dream your heart makes )

[08 Mar 2017|09:46pm]
Saviors and saints/Devils and heathens a like. )

[08 Mar 2017|06:28am]
Sooo...Gonna be moving to a new cdj journal here a few days.

1) Let me know if you can see this from your flist?

2) Tell me if you want to be added when I do?

3) Currently obsessed with Stranger Things. Anyone else ship Steve/Nancy/Jonathan. It's not relevant to the first two, I just might up ranting about ST alot.

Edit: 4) I need more games. When all the bugs and stuff are fixed, and everyones got their stuff back together, can people link me to games I might like/want me in?

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